Exercise Of The Week
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Exercise Ball Abdominal Crunches

This is one of the most effective ways to strengthen, flatten and tone the abs. Doing the exercise using a Balance Ball or stability ball eliminates the impact of a hard surface on the spine, which helps you perform the movement more precisely.

Why is it worth your time?

  • Foam rolling reduces aerial stiffness
  • Enhances range of motion
  • Done before a workout can increase strength and performance

The Benefits:  In order to be a more well-rounded athlete and more balanced individual we need to work on our agility, quickness, coordination and reactivity.  Agility is our bodies’ ability to change body position or direction efficiently and requires the integration of multiple skills, including balance, coordination, speed, reactivity, strength, power and endurance.

The Benefits: 

Fat Oxidation and a lot of other health benefits.  Sprint training gives back in many ways.

The Benefits:  builds muscle in your lower body.

  • Promotes mobility and balance which makes it a functional exercise that makes real life activities easier.
  • Prevents injury by strengthening the stabilizing muscle, ligaments and tissue.
  • Boosts your athletic performance you can jump higher and run faster.

The benefits
The Plank has many benefits; 
the big one is that it strengthens your entire core better than any sit up.