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Program Description
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What Is It?

9 Month challenging training program designed to train people who have never run before to run a marathon (26.2) or half marathon (13.1).
Members are strongly urged to seek medical advice before starting any physical training program


We meet every Saturday for both in-class and on the road training.

During Covid all Classes will be Virtual via Zoom.
2 Months in-class training sessions cover scripture, nutrition, fitness/strength, gear and more.
The 2 Months of in-class training will take place on Zoom.  No in person meetings are taking place at Living Word Christian Center.
In-Class sessions meet for 2 hours online. But, there are some classes that are a little longer (those will be announced).
In-Class sessions times will be announced TBD. There will be some early runs given out before class start times.
6 Months of on the road training consists of your weekly long runs or speed training.
On the road meeting times will be announced and will always be before scheduled Virtual follow-up meetings.

Additional Details

It is expected that you will work out 5 to 6 days a week on your own; this includes 2 mid-week short runs. Note: training for this will be provided.
Members can not miss more than 3 consecutive classes to remain an active KRC member (i.e. 3 consecutive weeks of classes).


You are responsible for your own race registration:  Currently we have the following races scheduled Fox Valley half/full marathon and or 20 miles and Naperville half marathon.  Other races will be announced.


What You Will Need

You will need to purchase running shoes an estimated 3 pairs for running.
Watch and/or timing device that you carry and bring to all runs.
Running clothing for summer, winter, and fall.

Running accessories: belt, water bottle, and items for nutrition.

Ready To Register?