To clarify, I’m not running a marathon; I’m running a half marathon this year. However, the reason I’m running is because I ran a marathon in 2008 and from that point until now I have never forgotten how wonderful and life changing of an experience that was for me. It was such an awesome sense of an accomplishment; each step was more proliferating than the next. I felt like I could do all things, not on my own but through Christ! And I’m ready to go through that experience again.

In addition, running for me is also about spiritual discipline. For me, it’s a spiritual boot camp for learning how to bring the flesh into submission. One biblical fact is that we all must die daily to our flesh, and considering running is definitely an experience my body would much rather do without; it has now become a spiritual MUST-HAVE! I know the spiritual training that comes through KRC will more than equip me to successfully accomplish my goals.

Great bonds and friendships were formed when I ran. I not only miss that, but I also look forward to forming new ones. Also, while I may not necessarily be excited about getting in the wee hours of the morning to start the run, running while literally seeing the sun rise has left a lasting impression in my mind, and I definitely welcome experiencing that again.

Last but not least, health is definitely a goal for me. I’m running for discipline, I’m running for weight loss, I’m running to be healthy for myself, and for my family. I want to set a good example for my son, Malik, my niece, Ashley, and the rest of my family. Ultimately I plan to bring them in on my short runs during the week and to get hem introduced to running so they too can experience that awesome felling that comes over you once you’ve completed the run, and plant the seed to encourage them to become runners themselves and complete their own marathons.