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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover quick answers to common queries about Kingdom Running Club in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Whether you’re wondering about our mission, the training program details, event logistics, registration process, meeting times, or program costs, you’ll find valuable information here. If you have a question that isn’t covered, don’t hesitate to contact us to answer your questions at krc@lwcchelps.org

  •   KRC offers a 9-month Program (for ages 16 & older) that combines both Education and Fitness Training in preparation to run a Marathon held annually during the months of September thru November.
  •   In 2023 KRC will offer a Health and Wellness component. We are offering our 2 ½ month foundational component to anyone that desires to become healthier and more fit to participate in the KRC program. Note: individuals do not have to run or train for a marathon. Individuals desiring to take control of their health and fitness will find that this 10-week foundational component of the KRC program will put them on the right track to take control of their health and fitness goals. Individuals will be taught alongside the marathon participants. They will be trained on exercise, nutrition, and general health/fitness. KRC has a proven track recorder of helping individuals set and meet/obtain, as well as keep their goals of becoming healthier and more fit.
  •   The KRC of Living Word Christian Center has been in existence for over 20 training seasons.
  •   2024 will be our 22nd season of training individuals to run marathons.
  •   KRC Team Members have participated in races in 50 states, 5 countries, and 4 continents.
  •   Our members have participated in Ultra-Marathons, Marathons, Half-Marathons, Iron Mans, Half-Iron Mans, Triathlons, 200 mile relays and many other races.
  •   Educational Training Classes will be held Saturday Mornings in person and via zoom.
  •   March thru May we meet at the Forest Park Mall (unless otherwise noted).
  •   Two 1/2 months of class sessions.
  •   Shoe Clinic and running apparel classes.
  •   Professional training by Marathoners, Tri-Athletes, Personnel Fitness trainers, and Doctors.
  •   Certified fitness, running, and nutritional training.
  •   Seven months outdoor marathon training.
  •   Weekly Training support.
  •   Personalized physical fitness coaching, evaluation and feedback via email and team training.
  •   Weekly Short Runs should be done on your own at least 2 times a week. Locations are based upon Runners’ proximity to local tracks/running paths in their area.
  •   Runs will be scheduled for early Saturday Mornings. We will meet as a group either Downtown Chicago (on the north side of Wilson along Lakefront running paths) or on the Illinois Prairie Path in Lombard (along the Western Suburbs) as indicated.
  •   Classes meet every Saturday from February to October. Runners are expected to maintain regular attendance. Classes will be held on Zoom and will not be in person. Runners missing 3 consecutive classes will result in the runner being removed from the active roster.
  •   Application for Registration is open to all individuals.
  •   Please Note: Applicants are strongly advised to consult their doctor before beginning training program.
  •   First Time Marathoners (Approved Applicants) cannot miss more than three consecutive classes to maintain their active status in the program. No exceptions please.
  •   Open Registration from Mid-January through Class 3 (On-site once class starts)
  •   Registration Fee = $100.00
  •   Runner is responsible for race registration and running gear.