Ardrell Mannings

November 7, 2016

Ardrell Mannings

The impetus for my journey began on March 11th, 2001.  It was on this date that I lost my younger sister, Andrea at the young and tender age of 25 to complications from a gastric bypass.  In 1991, I weighed 238 pounds after completing a successful college football career, but by 2003, I had permitted my weight to exceed 420 lbs.  Years later in 2009 while residing in Georgia, I heard about a health ministry under Living Word Christian Center.  I asked God to relocate me to Chicago, so that I could sit under Dr. Bill Winston and attend Living Word Christian Center

Later in 2013, I had been living in Cherry Hill, New Jersey for a couple of years, and was under Pastors Ray and Tracey Barnard of Impacting Your World Christian Center.  Drs. Bill and Veronica Winstonare their shepherds, and I learned about for the first time the Law of Confession.  I created multiple confessions in February of 2013, and one was related to health transformation.  I confessed daily 3 John 1:2, and that I was a fulfilled vegan running 5Ks, half and full marathons.

Three years later in February of 2016, God opened a door for me to relocate to Chicago.  One Sunday later in February, I was sitting in the congregation at Living Word Christian Center, and Dr. Winstonencouraged the church to join the Kingdom Running Club (KRC), get in shape, and in the process run a marathon. I remembered my confession from February of 2013, and signed up.

The physical result since has been a loss of over 110 pounds and more than 20 inches in my waist.  I thank God for Drs. Bill and Veronica Winston’s teaching on the Law of Confession.  I thank God for Supernatural Sharon (Sharon Stewart) and her entire team of Kingdom Running Club Leaderswho dedicated their lives to us for 9 months.  I have never seen a level of commitment like this from a group of believers!

The Kingdom Running Club has been life changing.  Not only has my life been transformed, but God has begun to impact the lives of those around me. During those 9 months, there were times when it seemed like the enemy was unleashing its best tactics to stop my progress and steal my faith, but the anointing and grace of God on the Kingdom Running Club and its leaders was my anchor!  It has been an epic spiritual journey that truly taught me how to put feet to my faith, and the great news is that the journey has continued well after the conclusion of the 9 months!