Denise Joyner

October 25, 2017

Denise Joyner

Dear KRC,
This year has been an amazing year!   My objective was to run my first marathon. I was profoundly hurt and cried when I realized that my dream would have to be delayed.  However, I noted my accomplishments and I am very proud of myself for sticking with the KRC program from February until July 8 having completed running/walking my first 8 miles. 

I would like to share my testimony because knowledge is powerful:

I was totally dedicated to KRC.   I attended all of the motivational classes and completed the homework assignments.  I looked forward to the Saturday class and they were so dynamic that I felt like I could soar like an eagle.  So, when we started running, even on the days when I wasn’t really 100%, I pushed myself to complete the task and felt great! 

My adjective is “Dauntless” and My scripture is “Isaiah 43: 2 “When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, though shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.”   With hindsight I now see why God gave me Isaiah 43:2.

I started experiencing health issues and wondered if what I was experiencing was normal.  After running 6 miles, it totally wiped me out.  I had no energy and was experiencing an excruciating headache. Since I normally ran alone, I was blessed when one of our leaders approached me ask me if everything was ok because she noticed I was walking more than running and she wondered why I stopped running.  She said, “oh, yes, we notice everyone”. We discussed my concerns and I thank God that she paid attention because from that point on I no longer ignored the following symptoms I was experiencing.

1. It took me 12 hours to recover from the Saturday run.
2. While running both of my nostrils were open and clear, however, once I stopped and settled down, my right nasal cavity was congested and I could no longer breathe out of it.
3. I noticed extremely large bruises on my thighs and arms.  I looked like I had been beaten.
4. Once I ran the 8 miles and arrived home, I already consumed 64 oz of water so I knew I was not dehydrated.  However, within a couple of hours, once again, my energy level was depleted and I was experiencing an excruciating headache that reminded me of a migraine. It took me 12 hours to recover.

At this point, I consulted my doctor.  He ran a blood test and everything was perfect.  There was no medical reason for the bruises.  I thought maybe I was eating too much spinach and kale so instead of 3 times a day, I ate a good salad twice a week, mixed greens.

I reminded my primary care physician that for years, I had been complaining to him about sinus/allergies/nasal drainage running down my throat like a river and a congested right nasal cavity and he recommended taking Claritin and a couple of times he prescribed an antibiotic for a sinus infection.   However, my symptoms did not disappear, my breathing was labored.  At night I had to breathe from my mouth because both of my nostrils were congested and I had to elevate my head.  I awoke every few hours grasping for air.  So, I informed my doctor that my condition had not improved and no one should have to take Claritin 365 days of the year and it is not working and that I was experiencing severe headaches after each Saturday run and to please refer me to an ear eye and nose specialist.

The specialist exam revealed the following:
1. Infection deep in the nasal cavity.  
2. He prescribed an antibiotic but it did not clear the infection.
3. He, recommended a CT scan
A. The CT scan revealed some type of nasal obstruction, which was bulging and totally inflamed from infection.
B. It revealed air was not flowing through the right nasal cavity.
C. My doctor said without surgery he could not identify the obstruction.  It could be a polyp or tumor, or something else.

At this point, I realized how blessed I was.   If I had not joined KRC, my condition would not have been brought to the forefront.   All these years, I thought it was just sinus/sinus infections/allergies

My condition was life threatening.   The Oct 10th, 2 hour surgery revealed the following and I will not include all of the gory details:
  1. An inflamed growth that was caused from an ongoing infection that was there for years.

RED FLAGG:   When your primary care physician prescribes an antibiotic for a sinus infection, he cannot see down into the nasal cavity so he does not know if the infection was cleared.   In my case, the antibiotic was only successful in clearing the infection on the top surface, not underneath, which caused the infection to increase, increase, increase, even deeper into the nasal cavity thereby creating a growth.  It is best to seek the advice of a specialist at all times for sinus/allergies. 

2. The nasal drainage that was flowing down my throat like a river was infected. I thank God for the Blood of Jesus that protected me from further injury since the river went from my throat to my stomach.

I feel wonderful now!  They removed the growth and cleared up the infection.   I can breathe and I am sleeping through the night.   It takes 8 weeks for the nasal cavity to heal and then I can start training/looking forward to completing my goal in 2018 because I am a Marathon Finisher!

In Christian Love,
I thank you all for your prayers.
Denise Joyner