Ladder Agility Drills

In order to be a more well-rounded athlete and more balanced individual we need to work on our agility, quickness, coordination and reactivity.  Agility is our bodies’ ability to change body position or direction efficiently and requires the integration of multiple skills, including balance, coordination, speed, reactivity, strength, power and endurance.



Equipment Needed

Skill Cones and Ladders




  • Multi-planar coordination
  • Boost heart rate and blood flow throughout the body
  • Increase mind-body connection: In order to train these skills cones and ladders are used to acquire our bodies’ awareness.  When we are executing agility drills we are cutting and curving with our bodies.
  • The coordination and body awareness you will gain from ladder training will transfer into improved running speed and mechanics.

Proper Form

  • When cutting you want to push off the outside leg and position the inside leg in the direction of the plane you want to move your body through.
  • For cutting you want to drop the inside shoulder and arm toward the floor/ground on cutting runs, step through the inside leg and then explode through with the outside leg.